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I just subscribed to Verizon DSL, and I got my service up and running tonight. I can connent online fine running a network cable from my PC to the switch on my wireless router, however, when I unplug that and try to connect through my wireless PCI card, I am unable to get online.

I have a Motorola 802.11g wireless adapter, compatable with 802.11b which is what my router (Linksys - B) is. The hardware is installed correctly, everything checks out there. I am also getting a strong signal that recognizes my router's SSID, and my wireless propteries say I am connected and give me an IP from the router. I am running Windows XP Pro. DCHP is enabled and in use, 128-bit WEP is also enabled and in use. I have tried without WEP, but to no avail. Verizon refuses to assist me on this issue because I'm not using a card from one of their supported companies, so much for customer service, so it'd be great if any of you guys could offer me some tips on what I might be able to do to resolve this issue.
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  1. Are you getting an IP from your routers DHCP server? If so, can you ping the gateway, the router's IP? I would definitely disable WEP and any other security measure you have configured. Get it working, then add the security layers.
  2. Is your router giving you the correct info? Go to a command prompt and type in ipconfig /all
    Your info should be something like this, assuming your linksys is running defaults:
    IP: 192.168.1.x (that is usually what it is for linksys)
    default gateway:
    primary dns:
    secondary dns: (optional, usually isp's dns server)

    Like kwebb said, try pinging your router (the default gateway). If that replies try pinging an external ip, your isp's dns server or something, and finally try pinging an external dns ( or something). If all that works then you should be good to go network wise.

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