CPU/GPU Advice for new Vid Editing system

Looking to build a new system soon focused mainly on video editing and rendering, also using CS5. I have most of the components picked out and don't really need advice on those, but I'm wondering about the CPU and GPU choice.

Since Intel is just about to release Sandy Bridge, it seems to me like it would be a good idea to wait for one of the new i7's if their performance gain is anything like the old line's was. I do not need the system immediately, though sooner would be better, so is it worth waiting the extra few weeks for potentially very large gains via Sandy Bridge?

Secondly, what graphics card would be recommended for this setup? I'm going to be gaming a little bit on this too, but only on a small monitor and this is definitely second priority. Also, to be more clear, I do not have a high enough budget to afford any high-end Quadro's or the like. I'm not looking to spend more than $250 total on GPU.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. For Sandy Bridge you must wait for a few months. I would get a Phenom II X6, it's strong enough.

    For the video card, Adobe locked all the AMD cads and all the cheaper Nvidia ones in order to force the customers to buy expensive workstation video cards but you can't game on those. Only recently they conceded a little and added the GTX 470 but that's still expensive and overkilll for a small monitor.

    But there's a hack:




    So you can get a GTS 450 (~$130) or a GTX 460 (the 1GB version, not the 768MB one ~$200) depending on your monitor's resolution.
  2. High end sandy bridge is late Q2 or Q3 2011. January Sandy Bridge will replace the 1156 socket. Something will always be on the horizon. Budget would be helpful here. I have no experience with the hacks listed above, but I wouldn't trust them not to get locked out in future driver releases, etc (which sucks to deal with). I'd just grab the GTX470 for CS5, and save yourself the hassle.
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