ATI Radeon 5750 no video!

Well my new video card arrived today and I began the install process with no problems. I even installed the new power supply without an issue. I have an hp m8047c pic with an anted 380 watt psu with 28 amps on the 12 v rail. The card powers up fine but when the monitor us hooked up to the card it just boots to a black screen! I have no video being displayed at all. I diabked the onboard video adapter within windows and uninstalled my old nvidia drivers using dri er sweeper. I also went into the b i o s and told it to make the primary video adapter pci-e. I have no option to doable or enable onboard video, just to choose the primary source. What could be the problem here? Someone please give me some insight. I apologize for the horrible spelling. I am typing this on my cell phone. Thanks in adavance.
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  1. Does it work fine with the on-board VGA?
  2. na300zx said:
    The card powers up fine but when the monitor us hooked up to the card it just boots to a black screen!

    Are you sure the system is booting? Is the system completing the POST and loading the OS from the hard drive?

    Does the on-board graphics work? Do you get the single short beep of a successful POST?

    With the monitor cable disconnected from the computer, do you get a "signal lost" message on the screen?
  3. Yes, Check cabling, see if it's posting and see if it works through onboard, Also open your case and make sure all your parts (and there fans) are fully operational.
  4. The computer works perfect with just the new power supply and onboard video. However, whenever i go into the bios and change te primary source to pci or pci-e it will still boot to onboard video without the card in. Whenever the card is installed with pci-e specified it just boots to a black screen. Im nky sure about post test. I do not have a speaker on the board? But everything works perfectly power wise. All the fans are turning, just no booting into windows.. I did more reasearch and foud that the problem may very well be an incompatibility with my moter board.
  5. A guy on yhr fotrum says that he got his 1 gb card to work, but mine does not work accordning to his soultion. I believe the board will only support Hoto 512 cards. Hp stopped support for this board in 2008, so no luck there. I know next time to build my own machine. Screw pre built systems! Lol i guess ill have to return the card to newegg. Will there e any problems with doing that as faras getting a refud? If anyone ere has any suggestions to a solution, please help me.
  6. I may. Also just save this.card.for a future build but then my luck would be that the card is do a lol
  7. Make sure it goes Pcie-pci-igp in your graphics selection, IGP is the integrated graphics...
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