ASUS M4A87TD might be going bad?

So I built my rig months ago, and within the past month it's been giving me random BSOD's and has been shutting down. It seems to happen faster when I'm doing something more intensive than just things like surfing the web (like playing starcraft II or WoW), but sometimes it will start up and run stable for hours. I've already run memtest and got a bunch of errors on my old memory, so i bought a new set of 2x2gb ripjaw series memory which is on the list of tested memory for my motherboard, and it still bluescreens. So I borrowed a friends video card and used that for about a week, and it still bluescreens. I also bought a new SSD and loaded windows 7 64 bit onto it in replacement of my HDD and i'm still getting bluescreens. The only thing left that i can think is going bad is the motherboard, PSU, or CPU and the mobo seems the most likely of the three to me but i would like to be sure that's what the problem is before i have my motherboard sent back to Asus. Any advice would be helpful, thanks in advance!
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  1. Have you checked the Windows system event log for Error events to determine what the cause may be?

    Is there any hex codes or messages displayed by the BSODs?
  2. It's mainly Page Fault in Nonpaged area or memory management, which first led me to believe the RAM was the issue, but since replacing it didn't help i'm thinking maybe it's the sockets on the mobo? i've also gotten messages on startup telling me that the bootmgr is either corrupt or missing so thats when i thought it was the HDD but since switching to a brand new SSD i'm still getting the bluescreens. i haven't checked the event log and to be honest i'm not entirely sure i know how to haha.
  3. Have you downloaded and run the freeware memory testing utility Memtest86+ to test the operation of your DIMMs with your motherboard?
  4. If Memtest fails, find the following settings in BIOS and set them like this:

    CPU/NB voltage may need to be higher on your CPU depending upon the IMC.

  5. Well i changed the settings to those that you gave and it's still bluescreening, i'm still thinking it's the mobo because at some points it will get to the screen where you hit delete to go to bios settings and will just hang up there, it also doesn't always give me the option on that same screen to enable core unlocker. My most recent blue screen was something to do with cache if it helps at all. I should also mention that when it freezes and sometimes when i just turn it on the computer will turn on (fans and lights etc.) but the monitor won't recognize that the comp is on, may be another clue as to what's going on.
  6. The only cache problem that would cause lockup during POST is the CPU's cache.

    The memory controller also resides on the CPU.

    Since you've already tried the tweaking of NB and memory voltages and timings and it didn't help the only thing left to try is a different CPU.
  7. So pretty much what your saying is my CPU is bad? It would make sense that i would be getting all the memory management, iqrl less than or equal and other memory related blue screens if the cpu controls memory, but what about freezing on startup and things like telling me my computer can't find my operating system, would those be signs of a failing CPU as well?
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