While updating the firmware of corby S3653 suddenly error 43

While updating the firmware of corby S3653 suddenly error 43 occurred.. and now my device is not starting just a boot screen appears and then halt forever i have to remove my battery to shut it down and also when ever I press volume down+camera+power key to open download screen to reinstall the firmware and connect it to PC it say that the device is malfunctioned and cannot be detected, what should I do now? i am totally unable to reinstall different firmware plz help.. :(
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  1. where did the phone come from? can you return it?
  2. no actually I was updating its firmware its an old phone Samsung S3653 Corby and what i can do with the phone right now is just see halting it on logo screen its an old phone and it can not be return but I don't want to lose my phone plz help what are the remedies for this typical :sweat:
  3. A failed bios flash on a computer renders it useless other than perhaps for a door stop. If phones are the same way, which I imagine they are, then it's toast.

    Firmware is the code that tells the system how to boot and how to communicate with devices and peripherals before the OS boots up. Without it, it's brain dead.
  4. whats next?
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    You'll need to place the phone into recovery mode and manually reflash the firmware. If the phone won't go into recovery mode for whatever reason, then it's trash. If it does, this site has the stock firmware, the flash tool, and a tutorial -
  6. Solved spent 5$, Phone is all new now..Cable was faulty..

    thanks all guys specially mavroxur.......
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