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For almost two year now I have been using my 50" DLP Samsung ( HL-85086w) HDTV as my computers display. This works great for watching movies and playing games but there is a problem with my display that I have just been dealing with but I would love to know if there was a way to fix it.

My TV's natural display is 1280x720 but when I set that in Nvidia's control panel (I am using a Geforce GTX/9800) it seems as though the image is zoomed in, or it could be thought of as the edges are cut off. So to correct that issue I go to the " Adjust Desktop Size and Position" page on the control panel and then select "Resize Desktop" and while moving the sliders I noticed that the blue box they give me does not fit the screen level, there is about 2 inches of dead space on the top right corner of the screen. This I have tolerated for some time but as of 6 months (probably more that is mostly a guess) ago the Nvidia drivers have started automatically changing my resolution when I resize the desktop and this prevents me from playing some games and makes my display look like crap. The route I have taken to get around this issue is using three year old display drivers because the old ones would run the resolution I want as well as allow me to resize the desktop, the display is still tilted but I have been able to live with that.

I have not tried very much to get this to work right because when I search online for help I am unable to find problems similar to mine. I began using my TV as my monitor by using a DVI to HDMI cable and when I noticed the problems (screen size and position) I tried different cables and now I own 3 different DVI to HDMI cables of various quality, but all of them do the exact same thing, as well as an svideo to component cable adapter with component cables running to the TV but still the dead space and screen size is the exact same as it was with the HDMI cables.

I have messed around in my TVs menu but there is not a whole lot that i can do apart from changing color schemes and other options you would expect a TV to have. There is no option in the TVs menu that lets me rotate the display, and though there is a zoom option I am sure I don't have it selected.

I have looked around online and I think what I might be after is something that allows me to rotate my display about 10-15 degrees and something that changes the size of my display but still uses 1280x720(that doesn't make sense I guess but the xbox I have hooked up to the TV fits fine and it runs at 720 I don't know why the computer wont do the same). I don't know if such a thing exists but if it does it would surely help me out. I am sure some people may not understand why I even want to continue using a TV as my display and all I can say is that it suits what my wife and I use it for almost perfectly, it would only be better if it worked right.
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  1. I had a problem like this with a nvidia card and a 720P HDTV, I ended up opening the nvidia control panel and making a custom resolution so it fit the screen, On the TV i also had to change a setting on that input because it was set to zoom in. the nvidia control panel should let you rotate the display also.
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