GTS 450, BAD Scaling

Looks like whatever plans NV had for a SLI orientated model arent doing too well. This card had some promise, but the more NV goes down from GF100-GF108, they keep on losing everything that made GF100 good or fast, like great tesselation performance, better DX11 performance, and fantastic scaling. GF104 was great and all, but lost a lot of tesselation performance. Now, as they go, its getting worse at a faster rate. Prices need to drop on this for it to be worth it.
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  1. Im not saying You here im refering to the article, which reads ANTI NVIDIA PRO ATI all over it. If you actually look at and read the perormance numbers you will see that in real world terms all of those games are about a tie. they used default clocked cards as well and every one who has read a decent review of the 450 knows teh stock clocks are dissapointing. they even upp th esettings to the pointless 2560 X 1600 to make teh card look worse than the actual settings the main test was done on when they conclude at the bottom of the tests.
    No sorry mate let them try it with a fully oced version then tell me its bad. What we really need it a review with both sets of cards clocked to death then we can see whare the value is.

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