RAM #2 slot is underclocked. DDR3

Hello Community, i have a quick question for you guys. I recently bought a 12 gb, 3 stick pack of corsair VENGENCE RAM @ 1600mhz. I installed it and overclocked the stock 1333 to 1600. Since one slot was not being used, i decided to buy another 4gb stick of Corsair VENGENCE ram @ 1600. Now, I was looking on CPU-Z and it says that the stick of ram that i installed is clocked at 667... All the others are at 800 -800 x 2(DDR) = 1600-. Please help, it's probably something simple but I need help D:
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  1. My motherboard is p67 -soon to be z68- and im running an lga 1155 core i5 2500k. should i just reseat all of them or reset my bios? help
  2. Sorry that I don't reply that fast, I'm at school, ill take pictures soon of the differences cpu-z shows, and the memory sticks
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  4. why did you buy a tripple channel kit for a dual channel motherboard? thats just silly. now that you have one odd stick of ram it wont even run in dual channel mode, so you really wasted some money there. go buy yourself 2 x 8gb dual channel kits if you want 16gb ram.
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