Unable to eject disc from laptop! Help!

I have a Samsung 700Z laptop with Windows7. I'm unable to eject a disc that I was attempting to rip to iTunes. The rip never happened, and the CD won't eject. Upon troubleshooting I was informed that there is an issue with my MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ8A7AS driver. I was prompted to reinstall the driver from my computer, but the attempt was unsuccessful. What do I do? Can I install this driver from an online website?
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  1. See if it ejects the disc during boot, right after the BIOS post, press the ejection button... If it doesn't eject, optic drives have a small pin size hole to eject the media with an unfolded paper clip. Read the exact procedure.

    Laptop DVD Tray Won't Eject - How To Open A CD Or DVD Drive

    Is the laptop brand new? Is Automatic Updates enabled? If it's not, it may be blocking the driver installation... I know this can happen in Windows 7 if the first Automatic updates have not yet installed, once this is resolved, driver installations can be done either automatically or manually.
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