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Im getting more ram soon and i was wondering what sort of graphics setting i can increase with more ram (anti-aliasing, texture quality grass view distance ect). and if it not what things does more ram help with games ie faster load times can have more sprites and effects on screen?
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  1. need more information... system spec's to start...
  2. core-i3 540, ati 5750, 2gigs ddr3 1333mhz ram, asus p7p55d pro mobo, and WD Caviar blue 500gig hard drive. will be getting 4gigs more ram
  3. What version of windows do you have Marrsarus?

    RAM will help with running multiple programs at the same time,
    Windows, Program & Game loading times.

    what games are you playing?
  4. Add 2gb more ram and also allocate swap space from hard disk as a ram..
  5. windows 7 i play, Battlefield 2-3, oblivion, sims 3, TF2, Minecraft, sanctum, starcraft 2, and will be getting Skyrim when it comes out =D cant wait
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