New ATI Catalyst Install - Need Help

I installed a 5850 to run Eyefinity with three 19 inch 1280 monitors. I have an active DP adaptor on the first monitor. I loaded Catalyst from the AMD website. All three monitors came up with windows, a good start.

However, when I click on "Create Group" Catalyst freezes requiring a control-alt-delete" to end the application. I have uninstalled and re-installed. No luck I cannot create an Eyefinity group.

Any idea's. I am tired of hacking and hoping.

edit: I just read a AMD document that implied the DP and active adaptor should be connected to the third monitor. I have mine connected to the first monitor. Could that be the source of my problem?
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  1. I have my adapter on screen number #2, and I don't think it makes a difference. If you are using 10.9, consider getting an older version. If you don't want to use Driver Sweeper and such, Windows System Restore will remove Catalyst, and hopefully you haven't installed much since then.

    I use 10.8 and it works great. You will love eyefinity, trust me.
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