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I have a Hitachi 1T external hard drive. It says that the disk is healthy but RAW. There is nothing on the drive that I care to save but i would like to format it to work with windows 7. I have tried the quick format and it says that windows cannot complete the format. Any suggestions? With money so tight now days if I can use this hard drive for my audio books and the such I would really love to.
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  1. have you tryed going into disk manager (control panel / admin tools / computer management / disk management) and partitioning it and formatting it there?
  2. I have done the formatting, quick and it says windows cannot complete
  3. try the regular format if it fails the drive is dead.
  4. Any Idea how long a regular format should take on a 1T?
  5. Don't hold your breath. My 1.5 tb i left going overnight, probably 3-7 hours. Cannot be more specific sorry.
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