Partial Screen Display on Samsung 52" LCD

I recently cancelled my cable serve as I was hardly using it and figured I would simply stream my shows/movies via my HP laptop (Pavillion dv9000 series) as I had done in the past over the HDMI connection. However I recently reformatted the laptop from the pre-installed Vista to Windows 7. I can get picture and sound without an issue however roughly 1/4 inch of the border of the screen is lopped off at ANY resolution (generally means the windows start button is mostly gone).

The video card is a GeForce 8600M and the tv is 1080p with a 120Mhz refresh rate. I will have to lookup the specific model number if it's needed. I also have the same problem when I try to do this on my older HDTVs.

Only suggestion I've been able to find so far is to use Powerstrip which seems like it might not be Windows 7 capable.

Thanks for any advice in advance.
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  1. My old co-worker had the same issue with HDMI to his moniter. I believe that it turned out to be a driver issue. Also, check for accurate aspect ratio.

    I hate to be a jerk about this but...the dv9000 is a turd. That was recalled over 2 years ago by HP and of course, nobody knows about it. I used to work for Computer Renaissance before I got heavier into IT and we would see these all the time. The recall was due to the gpu overheating and the gpu connections coming loose off of the motherboard, eventually causing the computer to not post and sit with a black screen. The dv2000 and tx1000/tx2000 were also affected by this issue. This is very similar to the RROD that the XBOX 360 has. I was also able to revive a few of these computers using a heat gun and blasting the gpu for a minute or two, then mashing the gpu into the board. The same worked for the 360's that we repaired.

    Anyway...oh yeah...the first sign of the GPU problem is that the wifi will stop working.
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