Dead GFX card or Dead PCI-E?


After searching the forums, i couldnt see an answer so here goes.

I have recently bought a Gigabyte GA-G31m-es2l mobo, c2d processsor, OCZ 550w psu and a radeon 3870 gfx card.

Admitantly i cheaped out and got the GFX card from ebay, whcih im slightly regretting but it was described as fully working, and the seller is willing me to return if it truely is faulty. I just want to confirm that the card is faulty and there is no way my mobo pci-e card is to blame.... or anything else.

My problem is that once all connected, if i connect my display to the 3870, when i boot the pc the display does nothing, not even the bios. However the card fan does activate. When i remove the 3870 and connect the display with the onboard mobo graphics the pc works fine, no issues.

I know this does point towards the card being dead. However on the bios the onboard gfx is set only to activate if there is no PCI graphics card detected. If i install the 3870, but dont put the PCI-e powercable in, the onboard graphics works fine. But if i connect the pci-e power, the onboard graphics does not activate giving a blank screen --- indicating that PCI-E graphics is detected.

Other things i am going to test are my DVI-I to VGA adapter to make sure thats the display fault as well as maybe if i feel brave manualy setting the PCI-E voltage and bus clock.

I would just like some more experienced advice, as this is my first PCI-E system and not familair with everyhting yet.

(BTW i dont have any other PCI-E cards or PCI-E mobo to test with.

Also the card was sent without an anti-static bag, just bubble wrap so could it possible damaged circuits?

Cheers for any help.

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  1. have you tried disabling your onboard graphics in bios?
  2. theres no option on the bios, its only got enable onboard graphics, or only enable if no PCI-Express graphics is detected
  3. Dodgy card, try another card to rule out the slot.
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