3TB HD stopped working and recognized as Removable Disk

I have this Seagate 3TB HD working for a few months until yesterday. I originally formatted the drive using Seagate DiscWizard on Windows 7 at office. It works fine on my office PC and home PC (XP 64-bit). It ran fine until and stopped working after I reboot the PC yesterday. Then, it was recognized only as Removable Disk. I thought it may be my PC so I tried it again on my office PC and it's recognized as removable and not be able to access anything at all. Using Seagate DiscWizard, it just stay a detecting devices stage and never be able to recognize it.

What's wrong?
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  1. Good news. I opened the enclosure and reconnects the HD to the enclosure, and it mounts right away. It might be a loose connection.
  2. Glad to fixed it. Seagate has had issues with certain versions of the 3TB Barracuda. I am waiting for the ones I bought to brick, but six months in and they work great still.
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