Please help me!

Hello,have nice day!
i have GA-M56S-S3 Mianborad (model of 2007 GIGABYTE)
now my Grapich card wearked!(Gigabyte Geforce 8500 GT 512 MB GDDR2 )
now my mainborad only Support Pci Express 1.0 and i want buy Gigabyte
Geforce 220GT 1024 MB GDDR3 Pci express 2.0)
.now can i use Geforce 220gt ?

thanks .
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  1. hello i hope have nice day
    a few days earler my Graphic card broken down(weraked)
    my Graphic card model
    Gigabyte Geforce 8500 gt 512mb GDDR2
    My mainborad supports only PCI EXPRESS 1.0
    Now i can use GIGABYTE Geforce 220gt PCI EXPRESS 2.0 1024MB GDDR3?

    THANKS :love:
  2. For just daily use like watching video and surfing web? Yes, GT220 is more than enough to do those jobs... :)
  3. Thanks but i play with my computer so i need a vga card for playing game at meduim at 1280 / 1024
  4. now i can VGA CARD PCI EXPRESS 2.0 at Pci-express 1.0 ?
  5. Yes, you can.
    you can use 2.0 card on 1.0 slot motherboard. Make sure it's 2.0 and not 2.1, because many issues with 2.1 cards running on 1.0 motherboard...
  6. Yes you can the PCI express 2.0 std is backwards compatible with your mainboards 1.0.
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    Big problem!Please Help me
  8. thanks You are King of PC!

    please delete "big problem!please help me" thanks
  9. And remember, if you want to do some gaming then get GT240, that's more powerful than GT220.
  10. now i want buy now ati HD 5670
    Because This vga have GDDR5 memory and support DirectX 11
    But i dont know GT220 Better or HD5670?
  11. HD5670 is MUCH better than GT220 and a little faster than GT240. :)
  12. thanks ,now my choice is HD5670!THANKS FOR HELPING
  13. damn!GIGABYTE HD5670 IS 2.1 PCI-E
  14. What you offer?
    my System :(Poor System)
    CPU=AMD Alohtlon 64 X2 4200 2.21GHZ
    MB=Gigabyte M56S-S3
    RAM =2 X 1GB Kingston 667 MHZ
    Power =Golden 450W
  15. thank!My Friend I chose Gigabyte because in my country it have 3 year Granity and
    it have suit price!
  16. thanks!my good friend but at newegg write PCI-EXPRESS 2.0
    But at gigabyte web site write pci-express 2.1
  17. Of course you ...can but just make sure its PCI 2.0 & not 2.1 .
  18. Well, don't know much about that, who is right in this case...
    or you can go with this GT240 2.0:

    GT240 only a little bit slower than HD5670, just a little...
  19. thanks!
  20. my power is 450w golden is engonh for GT220 Or GT240?
  21. Yes, 450W is more than enough for GT220 or GT240. :)
  22. agree with wa1... GT240 is good video card...
  23. thanks but i got a message by my systemmodifer that You Must have GREEN 500W ?
  24. Hello now i get SAKZER 4670 ! thanks
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