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Hi I am planning on a new build and cannot decide between the CM HAF 912 advanced, Antec 902 V3 and NZXT tempest EVO. the 3 cases are is price order (cheapest to most expensive) and i want to save a few dollars here possible but to have a quiet and efficent case i am willing to shell out the extra $10 or so. if there are any other cases you recommend i am open to suggestions.

Thank You
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  1. Antec 902 that would be my choice. It has alot of space great air flow and its pretty quiet too. It also has USB3 port which will be nice to have when it becomes more popular.
  2. Check out the Rosewill Challenger and Destroyer cases (and even the cheaper Blackbone).
    Antec will be solid and high quality, but lack cable management. Coolermaster will have minor quality issues. I haven't seen any NZXT cases in person, but every Rosewill I've used (mostly their cheaper ones, but probably 6-8 different ones) have ALL been free of QC gaffes, and I've not regretted any of them.

    If you're willing to spend $100, check out the Rosewill Blackhawk: with plenty of fans, USB 3.0, and a SATA hard drive dock on the top. That may be my next case...
  3. 912 advanced is smaller compared to 902 but fatter than all three... and it has two 200mm fans comepared to one for antec and none for nzxt... Haf 922 is a better choice than all three...
  4. I have a 902 and it's quiet and solidly built and the cable management is good not great.Won't be a problem if your psu is modular.
    I also have a CM690II which has great cable management and cooling options.
    It's often overlooked but has excellent features and design.
    Quality wise it's good the Antec is a little better.
    The reason i chose a 690II and the 902 is because i don't like the HAF look.
    That's a personal choice though.
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