What is the problem with this hard drive ?

Hello, my brothers windows 7 went corrupt recently so we tried using the repair option using the windows disk, but that did not work then we removed windows 7 and re-installed it but it only worked for a small amount of time then it said system 32 was corrupt so we tried repairing and installing once again, but they only worked for a shot time so we tried wiping the drive clean and re-installing but even then it only worked for a short time saying windows was corrupt so at the moment the only option i can think of is to completely erase everything on there and start afresh. do you know what is wrong here and how can I fix this ?
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  1. So far you have tried a Repair Install and three complete wipe-and-re-installs, and every one of these failed quickly. That really looks like the HDD itself has some significant faulty areas and should be replaced. It appears you are not very worried about preserving data from the drive since you have wiped it and re-installed 3 times. So the simple solution is to buy a new HDD, install it and Install Win 7 to that. Remove and discard the old drive.

    If you want to test the old drive and verify that it is faulty before proceeding (especially if the old drive is still under warranty for free replacement!), go to the website of the HDD manufacturer and download their free HDD diagnostic testing software. In general, you should look for a "for DOS" version. That will be an .iso file, which is simply a complete image of a CD or DVD. You download that. Then you need some software, like Nero, able to burn that .iso file image to a CD-R or DVD-R disk. Then you put that disk in your optical drive, ensure that your BIOS is set to boot from the optical, and reboot. It will boot from the optical disk you made, load a mini-DOS operating system into RAM, and then load the diagnostic tools in. You use these from a menu system. The huge advantage of the "for DOS" version is that it runs with NO working HDD installed, so you can test your bad HDD. Whatever the tests tell you, write down the info. IF you try to claim a replacement HDD under warranty, the maker will want to see the diagnostic tools test results before agreeing.

    If your HDD was from Seagate, get their Seatools for DOS. If it was from WD, get their Data Lifeguard for DOS. If it's from another maker, look for their diagnostics.
  2. You may also want to test your RAM....memtest
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