When i burn movies with win dvd maker some movies burn with out sound

no sound
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  1. No sound where, on the PC or DVD player or both?
  2. i think he means when he plays them on anything using the DVD, i use to get the same problem, i dont think i ever fixed it, but i just dont bun DVD's anymore, i dont really have areason to lately
  3. If u are using K-Lite Codec Pack , it has media info or get it MediaInfo , right click on the file and select media info, it will show u all the info from the video.

    Post it here or check it, if there is a audio stream on it. If u are using VLC when playing, click CTRL+I.
  4. U can try the same project on the DVD Flick

    Completely free without any adware, spyware or limitations, an open source project.

    Burn near any video file to DVD
    Support for over 45 file formats
    Support for over 60 video codecs
    Support for over 40 audio codecs
    Easily add a menu
    Add your own subtitles
    Easy to use interface
    Burn your project to disc after encoding
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