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Hello, my current hard drive is failing and windows is warning me that i need to replace it. I have just bought a new WD Green 1TB Sata III hard drive. I have read that i can use tools like Acronis to clone my old drive to the new one OS and all. Will this work even though Microsoft is telling me to replace my hard drive, my system seems to be running smoothly atm...
Also, should i avoid using my pc until my new drive arrives? so that it doesnt fie completely.

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  1. As long as the PC is still running fine then you are better to avoid using the pc. Also you don't have to buy this adapter but it is very convenience.

    And you know the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software, donwload and install in the PC. Then you are ready to go.
  2. Thanks, thats good to know. Didn't want to slowly kill my pc by using it until the new HDD came. I'm kind of strapped for cash at the moment concerning the adapter, i was instead going to connect the new HDD to the motherboard using another SATA cable. IF that will work?
  3. Yes it works too. The adapter is only you don't need open the case to do the cloning. But anyway you need open the case to change the HDD.
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