Upgrading VGA to GTX460

Looking for some opinions, as I don't want to waste too much money.
Here's my planned upgrade path: I know slot 775 is old, but it's still quite capable...
CPU: recently upgrade from E2180 (@3.0) to Q8300 (@3.0) for $159 Cad. (installed/paid for)
Ram: plan to upgrade from 2g to 4g DDR2 for $64 Cad.
GPU: plan to upgrade from HD3870 to GTX460 for $229 Cad. (Gigabyte 1g)
the HD3870 is still doing it's job (currently playing borderlands very smooth at 1920x1200 only when i turn off dynamic shadowing...), but it's a battle of compromising constantly, expecially at 1920x1200....

My board is a basic P5K, monitor is at 1920x1200 samsumg 24"
So for $293 ($229+$64) I would say I would have a decent gaming rig that would be adequate for 2-3 years.

As far as the idea of a complete rebuild goes, My justification for not going this route is as follows: it would be a year of saving basically, as I would need all new RAM, CPU, VGA, PSU, cpu cooler, and mobo, which would cost me $900-$1000

Also plan to go from xp to win7, would I see much performance from this by going to 64bit?

Thanks for any thoughts, positive or negative :)
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  1. A Q8300 should be fine for a while although 3ghz is an odd place to OC to. Even if you want to be conservative and are using the stock cooler 3.3ghz should be fine. Win7 64 will allow you to actually use all your ram when you upgrade. On 32 bit you probably wouldn't have much more than 3gb usable.
  2. Yeah it's not a big OC, but with the multi at 7.5 and a 400 fsb I thought it would be decent without any stress.... I had it at 7.5x425 = 3.2Ghz but figured it probably wasn't doing much extra over the 3.0Ghz, and with my PSU at 450W, I'd like to avoid getting a new PSU with the GTX460.
    My board (P5K) didn't seem to like to be pushed over 445 fsb, and with my current video card (HD3870), I didn't see the point in overclocking any further than the 3.2Ghz...
    Cooler for CPU is an artic freezer pro7
  3. Yeah, with the HD3870 it won't matter much but any extra you can get on the CPU will help once you upgrade, mainly on games that only use two cores(there are still a lot of them.)
  4. An update on things:

    So today I ordered the Saphire HD 6870 ($242 Cad).
    Yesterday I picked up a copy of windows 7 ultimate.
    Still need to pick up a bit more ram. I also overclocked a bit more and got to 3.2ghz, running @7.5*425, just for something to do... my p5k doesn't seem to like it over 440mhz.

    Problem: I'm getting a little bit concerned with my psu, as it is aging and maybe getting a bit pushed? I'm running 5 year old enermax 470w PSU (EG475P-VE), (http://www.bigbruin.com/reviews/enermaxnoisetaker/) AMD site recommends 500w for the HD6870. I only have the one HD (1TB), and one ROM. My plan is to go back to stock settings on the CPU, go back to 800mhz from 1066mhz on the ram to get 1:1 ratio, and leave the 6870 at stock settings.

    Question: When my new 6870 arrives next week should I
    (a) garbage my perfectly working PSU and buy a new one (will have to wait a few months 'til after xmas)
    (b) try it out at stock settings for cpu
    (c) stay at OC'd cpu at 3.2ghz

    I'm not exactly sure this old of a PSU is OK to be used for a dual 6-pin video card either. It would be nice if I didnt' need to buy a new one...

    I'm sure some of you have been faced with the dilema of upgrading your psu or not...
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