Ouch... does this look bad?

Just came home and quickly noticed my computer running like an absolute pig. Did a quick Hdtune scan and got this:

I'm going to bet that maybe means it's toast? I'm on said computer now, but pretty much everything I load is now taking a lifetime.
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  1. Whats the specs on your hard drive?
  2. I'm going to assume you have restarted....
  3. Could be dieing. when did you buy it
  4. Not even a year ago. My last one was also a Seagate 1tb, and it had a similar death. Fortunately that was under warranty and I got it replaced with this one. I'm starting to see a trend now, though.
  5. Yea Seagate isn't the best brand for HDD. Western Digital however does make good HDD's
  6. You are seeing the light. My order goes tied first is Samsung, WD, Toshiba and Hitachi and 2nd is seagate, I avoid them if I can.

    It's like you say, they just start to fail for no reason.
  7. Yeah that really stinks. Just for laughs, I hooked up my ancient 80g Maxxtor and ran a scan on it with no issues. The hours it's been left on is almost 6 years, whereas this "new" one has only made it 220 days. What a joke... Guess I'll be looking for a better brand.
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