Memory compatible with ASUS AM3

i need information about what memory compatible with ASUS AM3

please answer.. :D
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  1. It depends upon the CPU AMD Phenom II X4 DDR3-1333~DDR3-1800 and AMD Phenom II X6 DDR3-1333~DDR3-2000. Some RAM is 'optimized' better than others for AMD, and in general I recommend 2x4GB.

    Q - What CPU?
    Q - What use or purpose is the PC?
  2. i will use AMD zambezi and motherboard ASUS AM3.. so, what RAM you will recommended to me?
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    You'll need an AM3+ MOBO. The Bulldozer supports DDR3-1866 (PC3 14900), but no one has officially released 'Bulldozer' optimized RAM. The G.SKILL F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL or F3-14900CL9D-8GBSR will work, but they're not necessarily optimized.

    IMO - Wait for the new kits and wait for tests/benchmarking -- otherwise you'll be getting 'guesses' mine included.
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  5. thankyou very much.. its for my homework from my teacher. he want all student make a PC specification n we will make it.. :D

    Q : do you have social network? facebook or yahoo? if you have it please tell to me because iam newbie :D
  6. My Company does some Social Networking, I personally do not. My staff is contractually restricted in what they 'can discuss'. Our clients are all corporate so my approach is different.
  7. please recomended game computer specification for me..
  8. AMD or Intel? Budget?
  9. AMD
  10. Budget?
  11. 300$
  12. Processor : AMD Athlon II X2 255
    Motherboard : ASROCK 770DE3L Motherboard AMD Socket AM3
    Memory : CRUCIAL CT51264BA1339 - Memory DDR3
    Hard disk : WESTERN DIGITAL Scorpio WD3200BPVT - HDD 2.5 inch
    VGA : CLUB3D Radeon HD 5550 Eyefinity Edition (CGAX-55524IDP)

    its work..????
  13. What you have should be fine; see below. Unfortunately, I am not good at low budget builds; my mind can grasp a $800 build but not much lower. Windows 7, OS, alone is $100 for 'free' you can use Linux and a good variant is Ubuntu -

    Here's a Tom's $500 complete build ->,3032.html


    ASRock 770DE3L CPU Support -
    WESTERN DIGITAL Scorpio WD3200BPVT - is meant for 'Notebooks' and for the same price:
    Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache -
    CRUCIAL CT51264BA1339 - Memory DDR3 - to have Dual Channel you'll need a 2x_GB or 4x_GB set:
    CT2KIT25664BA1339 -
  14. WESTERN DIGITAL Scorpio WD3200BPVT for notebook??? wow.. i don't know that..
    thnx for the information its very-very helping me.. :D
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