ATI ‘cheating’ benchmarks and degrading game quality, says NVIDIA

Before angry responses, the post title is the name of a new article. Spurned on by some notes in Nvidia's review guide that has been shipped with all the new DX11 cards. They feel that ATI CCC in standard mode runs a routine that lessens quality and is less intensive on the gpu. Sometimes giving a performance boost.,ati-cheating-benchmarks-and-degrading-game-quality-says-nvidia.aspx/1

My only reaction is a little chuckle. I think Nvidia is accused of this more often than not, but both companies have bent the rules in the past.
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  1. ^+1
    Agree... That's what I've called "competition".
  2. nVidia green with envy and is making up all the bad news! :)
  3. Ha I knew it! Its the oldest trick in the book since the Win 9X era.
  4. pot meet kettle
  5. Actually this is true, there was a little thing back about ATI reducing the quality of crysis and other games to gain performance, but it isnt really noticeable unless you zoom in. For some reason it kind of came and went and no one bothered to really take note of it. It was definatley true though (don't know if that is still true now this was back a couple months ago).

    Also I think that as consumers everyone who buys ATI cards should know that ATI is lowering quality by rendering it differently and people should have the option to disable this!
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