Will drivers remain when migrating OS to SSD?

I just bought an SSD and want to migrate my os to it. I downloaded aomei free edition and think i understand how to use it (its pretty straight forward). My concern is that when i migrate my OS (Windows 7) to the SSD, will my motherboard, chipset, and GPU drivers remain, or will i have to reinstall those necessary drivers. Also, one thing that popped into my head, will i have to format the SSD before i migrate my OS? Come to think of it, i should have just bought the SSD from the beginning. Btw, i hope im in the right forum lol. Thanks for any input, hope i explained myself sufficiently.
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  1. Yes, when you clone the image from your HDD to your SSD, everything that is there now will be cloned.

    However, for best performance, you would be better off performing a clean install and then installing only those apps that can benefit from the SSD boost on the SSD and the others to the HDD.
  2. i would like to do a clean install of windows but i bought the OEM version. I see your point tho. Im not cloning the whole HDD, just the OS (im using Aomei Migrate OS to SSD). As long as i use the Aomei software to migrate the OS, will my system suffer in performance? i just dont want to totally screw up my system.
  3. The OEM license is tied to the motherboard, not the HDD. So, you can use the same license.

    I have 2 systems with SSDs. One cloned. One clean install. Performance is indistinguishable.
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    The two programs I use are EASYUS and EZ-Gig.
    Yes, when Migratiing, all installed drivers are transfer, even if incorrect. Programs are transfered.

    .. If The HDD is larger than the SSD the Program must re-size the partition.
    .. The program must re-align the partition CORRECTLY.
    .. The program should enable trim, but can do it manually.

    Comment on drivers - If your HDD OS was installed with the BIOS set to IDE, that is what will be transfered - NOT GOOD.
    Ideally you want the Bios set to AHCI and the ahci driver installed. You can correct this FIRST, or after migrating.
    If set to IDE, select either "fix it for me" or "let me fix it myself".

    After SSD is set up, download and run AS SSD to verify
    Driver : does NOT show pcide = BAD"
    Partition alignment = "OK"
    Also it will show FW, It is best to se the Latest Fimware.

    Also make sure that defrag is DISABLED.

    Personnally I recommend a Clean Install over migration from a HDD->SSD. Migrating a SSD -> a SSD is FINE.
    In addition to correctly aligning the Partition, Trim will be enabled, PLUS you end up with a FRESH, clean Registry - Much better than running CCleaner. And yes the OEM version is fine for doing a Clean Install.
  5. thank you for the replies, they definitely help me understand things better. I think ill go with the clean install.
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