Cannot uninstall gfx driver in windows 7!!

So i have 2 gtx 260s in sli, and to update video card drivers i usually uninstall the previus driver, reboot, then install the new one. Ever since i moved to windows 7, whenever i uninstall gfx driver, my screen goes black, and i think my pc stops responding, and if i reset the cpu, it installs a previus version. How do i solve this? plz help
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  1. I can think of two things to try, really the first would be to try the new 260.63 beta drivers. The have a new installation interface that will uninstall your old drivers and clean out any traces automatically.

    Second, I would try to uninstall your old drivers in Safe Mode. If you get something that says something like, "Windows has detected new hardware, click okay to install drivers", click cancel instead, then install your updated drivers yourself.

    If those suggestions don't work, then there are other steps to take.
  2. W7 will always install a default driver if there is not one present when it boots up.
  3. It's not uncommon for the screen to go blank when uninstalling drivers, although it generally will come back on after a short pause.

    I'd say to avoid the hassle just download Driver Sweeper and Ccleaner, then boot into safe mode and run first Driver Sweeper then Ccleaner to clean the registry. After that, reboot and install you new drivers. Windows should take care of cleaning the add/remove programs list.
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