CM 690 II Advanced optimal fan layout?

Hi Guys and gals?,

I'm almost positive that I can decrease the temps of my components in my new build. I'd like to tackle the case fans first. What do you think the optimal fan layout for a CM 690 II Advanced would be? Right now I have the stock fans in stock layout.

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  1. 2nd top exhaust, intake at the bottom and one on the lower side.
  2. Intake - Front 140mm, Bottom 2 X 120mm, Side 2 X 140mm
    Exhaust - 1 X Top 140mm, CPU tower cooler blowing towards the empty rear fan vent

    This will create positive pressure which will make air inside the case to be forcefully pushed out though all open gaps... ensure you have air filters in all intakes to avoid dust buildup inside the case... due to air filters on intakes the cfm will be a touch lower so you should compensate by having the top exhaust fan rotating at lower - medium rpm...
  3. Exhaust- 2x 140mm top ,1x120mm rear
    Intake - 1x140mm front ,1x120mm HDD cage
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