Fans won't spin up?

I have purchased the Coolermaster V6GT and fitted it to an i7 930 on the Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R Motherboard in a Coolermaster HAF912 with Corsair TX650W PSU. I had to remove the fans on the CPU Cooler to fit it and I then tried a power on to check the fans i took off the V6GT cooler were refitted correctly on a push/pull configuration. The problem is that when I power up the fans dont spin up on the cpu cooler but the case fans do so I can't check, could this be caused by having no Memory and no Video Card installed?
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  1. Yes it can. I am actually not sure but would at least try with ram in.
  2. Also your CPU fan can be thermally controlled by the motherboard and may only come on when it reaches a certain temperature.....there is a BIOS setting you can change.
  3. Did you plug the fans into something ? I don't know what the CPU fan header rating is on that board but check that your amperage load is less than half the header rating.

    Have you combined the two fans onto a single cable w/ a splitter ? If they PWM fans, you will need a PWM splitter. Not having used a V6GT, I can't tell ya if CM provides those for you.

    Also, if ya connecting the CPU fans to Molex connectors from the CPU, the machine might not boot up if BIOS is set to stop startup unless it detects a working fan.
  4. I have managed to test the air flow by removing the 8pin additional power which then lets me power the fan, I'm guessing the board is stopping the psu as there is no ram installed.
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