2 GTX 460 or 1 gtx 470

guys which is better 2 gtx 460 in sli or 1 gtx 470???

and please i do not like ATI so please dont post any ati stuff...thanks alot..
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  1. Two gtx 460's will be faster than one gtx 470.
  2. thanks..im planing to get an msi cyclone gtx460..or an evga one
  3. The 470's just went down in price as well so that might be an option depending on the budget.
  4. im in the philippines and still its quite expensive here
  5. Two GTX 460s will be faster than a GTX 470 or 480 (thanks to Nvidia's great scaling in SLI), but that's the limit of their expandability. If you want more power in the future, the GTX 470s support 3-way SLI, and are more powerful than the 460s when comparing single cards.

    I recommend EVGA because of their lifetime warranties (product codes ending in AR) and ther Step Up program that comes with the lifetime cards. I'm trading up my GTX 460s for 470s for only $35 per card (including shipping both ways), and plan on adding a third card after a PSU upgrade. They also offer external exhaust cooling on several models, which will help keep the rest of your components cool.

    MSI also has a great card with their Cyclone (I was recommended that card when I bought mine), but EVGA's Step Up program was what won me over. Just something to keep in mind when choosing brands.
  6. XFX with the double life time warranty, comes in handy if you want to sell the cards.
  7. XFX makes pretty decent stuff, but I wouldn't compare it with card makers like MSI and EVGA, even with the double lifetime warranty.
  8. thanks guys yeah XFX is a great company but they also dont make the 400 series o im going with the EVGA....thanks alot
  9. since im going to buy this next year around mid jan or early feb should i wait for the 470 prices to go down and but 2 or just go with the 460????
  10. It depends on how good your cooling is. 2 GTX 470's may create a problem, however the GTX 460's have a tendency to run very cool.

    IMO, get 2 EVGA 460 1GB's with External Exhaust.
  11. since i cant access much sooling solution here in the philippines i was just going to use the stock....
  12. proximity30 said:
    since i cant access much sooling solution....
    Umm... I think you meant cooling solution. :)
    proximity30 said:
    since im going to buy this next year around mid jan or early feb should i wait for the 470 prices to go down and but 2 or just go with the 460?
    A lot is gonna change between now & Feb. So it makes pretty much no sense to have any rigid plans as to what you might wanna do then. Even if you were to buy now, your decision will depend on the games you play, your resolution & the settings you wanna play on. Ultra on 1920x1080/1920x1200/2560x1600 with DX11 @ 8XAA with tessellation and PhysX enabled will need a different beast from the basic 1280x1024/1366x768/1600x900 DX9 2xAA.

    If you were to buy now, 2XGTX 460 will pretty much be the way to go even though I don't normally like dual GPU solutions to start off with - leaves little headroom for upgrades. Though the point is, with 2X460's (stock 1GB) you wont need to upgrade any time soon seeing as they trump not only the 480's but also the 580 - forget 'bout the 470.

    Will be slightly more expensive though than a single 470, but well worth it if you can afford 'em.

    Take a look at the following -

    Also forget 'bout the 470, these are the 480 results vs the 460 1GB stock - GTX480 vs GTX460 SLI

    I hope you've got the general idea, right? :)
  13. yeah theres no doubt about it im going with the 460
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