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When is the GeForce GTX 495 due for release? It's still going to get smoked by ATI's HD 6870 and 6970.
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  1. Are you serious ? You just asked about 3 cards that don't exist. And NO , there has been no serious talk of anyone of them beating the other.
  2. The GTX495, when it does come out, will be a dual GPU card and, I would think, pretty difficult to beat. But lets wait until any of these actually materialize before making comparisons. So far, no release dates for any of these next generation cards have been officially confirmed. I can't imagine, with a GTX480 already in my rig, that I will need to upgrade until the next next generation comes out.
  3. Oh dear ambam, a bit of a daft assumtion i'm not saying your gonna be right just like notty22 says lets wait until they all hit the shelves.. At the end of the day i'm only jealous cos I bought a 5970 about 2 months ago and it looks like these cards will kick my 5970's ass.
  4. ct1615 said:
    yes but the GTX 595 will smoke the HD 6970........obviously none of them will be able to play Crysis at max :na:

    Erm yes they will, my 5970 at 1680x1050, enthusiast everything and 4xaa 58fps.
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