A little help? Graphics cards and power supplies

Am I going to find a low profile PCI graphics card that runs on a 220W PSU? My browsing on Newegg suggests not, but I am not yet certain. I'd like to play Left for Dead 2, and I don't mind playing at low resolutions as long as the game play is smooth. Can you think of a card that will do the job?

If not, can anyone suggest a power supply that will fit into my computer?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Okay, you have 2 slots, 1 PCIE and 1 PCI and since your PSU is just 220W and your PC is slim version then you must get a low profile card like this one:

    You can play L4D, but not with HIGH setting, maybe medium/low depend on your resolution. :)
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