120 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD?

I'm going to be buying a storage unit tomorrow, but I cant decide what I should buy? I do a lot of Youtube and gaming, so i'm leaning towards the SSD because I currently have a 500 gb HDD, so maybe if I drag my W7 and a few games/APPs to it I can use the HDD for storing raw videos and recordings and such. Any thoughts otherwise? I basically just need to know if this is a good idea or if I should just get the 1 TB HDD?
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    I currently have a 128 GB SSD and a 500 GB HDD. I think this is an optimal setup if you play lots of large single player games with loading screens i.e. skyrim. It is easy to rotate your most frequently used games onto the SSD. I have room for 3-4. The loading times are much faster, it seems i can pack in a lot more actual game time since i upgraded. If you the loading times in the types of games you play are minimal then go with the 1 TB.
  2. Go with the SSD. Its much easier to integrate another storage drive into the system later than it is to change the OS drive. Especially since storage for the time being isn't going to be an issue with the 500GB HDD.
  3. 2 SSD for me, Crucial M4 128GB for my windows partition, programs... Intel 330 180GB for my steam games and 2 X 1 TB Caviar Blue for music, videos, etc...

    I like the Windows partition on an SSD and all the rest on the HDD, it would give you really fast response of any programs installed on the SSD (or games) and still give you max storage capacity with the HDD...

    I suggest Windows with all programs and if you still have space on it, then put in your most played games...
  4. if you are running out of space, get the hdd, otherwise get the ssd. i've been using one for about 2-3 years i think. and i won't go back to hdd for my os (and some games)
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