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I'm learning about server 2003 and domain networks and I need help with next problem:
There is main network domain server,w2k3 enterprise,with three scopes added with same subnet mask- scope's IP range begin with server which is dhcp server also has IP.Other two scopes IP range starts with and workstations are XP domain clients.My problem is that I can't ping workstations from server in 192.168.10._ and 192.168.20._ IP group.Also can't perform Remote Desktop connection on them from server.But from clients in 192.168.0._ group I can normally ping all comps in all IP groups.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Why did you create 3 scopes? Do you have 3 NICs?
  2. If your're running 3 scopes then you must be using vlans on your switches right? If so then you need either a layer 3 switch or a router in order for packets to traverse across vlans.
    A server will not do this in normal configurations.
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