Installed new Motherboard and no video display


Asus P5E3 Pro Motherboard
gSkill 2x(2GB) Ram
nVidia 7950 GT Graphics Card
580w Hipper Type R Powersupply

No onboard graphics card. Using same HD from old computer with same windows vista os install. Planning on running the os repair disc when i can get a display on the screen.

Basically it all comes down to this been searching for hours. Installed motherboard in case with cpu and heatsink with cpu fan installed 2 2gb ram sticks and DIMM_A1 and DIMM_B1 like manual says installed video card in PCI-E 16x slot as manual says and i get no display on screen tried 2 monitors. Tried 1 stick of ram, tried clearing cmos with battery and jumper. I got the bios screen 1 time then when i saved my settings i havent got display since then i did agian and got display and then saved and exited now i get no display and i dont know why that is i tried the same steps again and i cant get a display all the fans run and when the display did come up i got 1 beep when the display doesnt show up i get no beeps. HD powers up. Been searching for hours could someone please help

P.S. i did the bench test with graphics card 1 stick of ram psu and motherboard and i got nothing put it all back together i get display save and exit it reboots with no display again. So i know all the components are in working order
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  1. What socket was your original motherboard?
  2. it is a HP built computer with a IPIBL-LB motherboard it doesnt say what socket but im assuming a 775
  3. You did not change the CPU?
  4. no i had another cpu that came with my Asus motherboard then i put a cpu 775 sockets fan on the new one
  5. I can get display no i found that problem out i had the ram in the Dimm_A1 when it was supposed to be in Dimm_B2 i entered the bios and since im trying to use a hard drive with the existing os from my previous computer i have downloaded the vista repair disc put it on a flash drive as well as the BIOS update from the asus website for the p5e3 pro mother board and when i go into the bios i set the boot settings to removeable disc the my HDD then the cdrom then i save and exit bios and the computer reboots and i wont get a display til i go back in and clear the RTC then i move the jumper back i start the computer up no display i hit the reset button on my case its shuts off comes back on 1 beed from the speaker and then i got display not sure why it wont boot from the flash drive or what is going on but everything seems to work but the loading of the os . i dont have a disc and dont want to have to buy the os disc. and i havent powered my cdrom to the psu due to waiting on another cord to come in the mail for my psu.

    If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated
  6. is there anyone with a solution ?
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