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Can some one please explain why when I open my Catalyst Control Center and the Diagnostics tab under Crossfire it says "the following information indicates the status of your setup" and it is empty? Is there something wrong with my crossfire???

I dont know how to get a print screen so if that will help please tell me how to do it.

Thank You
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  1. It will have info in that box IF a problem has occurred.

    Get GPUz and it will tell you that Crossfire is enabled.

    I had 2 4850s in Crossfire and I never had anything in that box and never had a problem.
  2. According to your sig you only have one card.
  3. Well, that's because you only have 1 card... :)
  4. My sig was old forgot to update it. but I am running 2 4850 XFX cards
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