New Motherboard for Gateway E-2000

Alright, Hello, Hi;

I have a good question for you guys. I want to upgrade my Gateway E-2000 over 2GB of RAM; so I am changing the motherboard. How fun! So my budget is $500 USD for a new motherboard and AT LEAST 6GB of RAM. I think the 1.80 Processor is good. I am also planning to play high end games like Minecraft on max settings; so do you think the video card is alright to play it at max? I am also willing to upgrade to Windows 7 - 64 BIT.

Thanks so much guys
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  1. A couple quick things...

    1. It is going to be pretty difficult to find a MB for that CPU.

    2. 6GB of RAM is more than enough for anything you will need it for.

    3. If you install more than 4GB or RAM you *NEED* a 64bit operating system. I don't think your Celeron will handle Win 7 very well, so Win XP 64-bit would be a better choice.

    4. RAM for that machine will be expensive since it is so old.

    My suggestion would be to read this article and design an entire new computer that will be in your budget ($500) that will be much higher performing than the one you have,3032.html
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