Need help from someone creative

This will be an odder post :)

I do a lot of volunteer work--and I'm looking for a device that dentists and doctors could press--which I would carry with me, that means they're ready for a new patient.

I know, random, but for the life of me--with all my hardware experience, I have no idea where to even start!

Can I ask for some ideas from any of you? Internet and network access is available on this site, if that helps. :0

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  1. -Pager
    -Wireless Intercom
    -Wireless Door Bell
    -Cordless Phone system with paging/intercom
    -Write a program/script to send you a text message indicating which doctor is ready by clicking the script shortcut on their desktop.
    -Have doctor text you when they're ready.
    -Build a networked embedded system to send and recieve notifications. are two good sites on the avr and psoc microcontrollers.
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