Custom Corsair H70

I am thinking of getting the Corsair H70 and changing the stock fans to 2 Cooler Master sickle flow fans.

would this be a large improvement for the H70 seeing as people say it runs too loud?
also the sickle flow fans have a higher air flow of 90cfm compared to the stock ones that have about 60cfm would this increase the cooling performance significantly?

and I think it would look a whole lot cooler (pun intended) as well :)
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  1. The best fan they tested at overclockers was 300CFM and it pulled the high temp down from 69c to 53c. So I would say 90CFM might keep it at 65c maybe a bit lower. Also if you use better Thermal Paste (such as AS5 or IC Diamond 24) that might help.
  2. Hi Neurosis,

    I have heard good things about the Scythe Gentle Typhoons. They aren't cheap but are quiet and have good CFM. I'd love to hear what you end up going with and your results.

    In the not too distant future, we're going to perform a comparison of many different fans and how they perform on our liquid coolers. Stay tuned to for that.

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