2 Routers on one network help with DHCP


Can someone point me in the right direction please.

I have a ADSL connection running from my master socket to a DLINK DSL2740R router downstairs from that I have a wired connection to main PC also a ethernet cable running upstairs to a Netgear WGR614v9 router which runs to 2 xbox 360's in the boys rooms also there to boost wireless upstairs (I have a couple of laptops too) the connection on the netgear router feeds from the dlink just fine all wireless and wired connections work fine UNTIL I try to stream media through mediplayer to the xbox's (My boys watch films at bedtime that I have on the main Pc) it says a firewall is blocking it even though both routers have streamed to them on there own but if i put them together it won't have it.
The ports on the netgear are open. I also looked into turning off the DHCP server on the netgear and nothing works from it if i do that I'm not sure what the settings should be.

The IP on the DLink is
The netgear is (the router changed it itself) it was
The main PC is on a static at

I don't know if any of that helps but the router changed its own ip when i connected it to the Dlink.

Can someone please shed some light on my patchy knowledge of networking?
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  1. Do you have an all-in-one antivirus/firewall program on your main PC such as Norton Security?

    If so this may be the root cause. When you have both routers running together you said it changes the IP of the 2nd router to Check to see in your firewall settings that this IP address fully allowed.
  2. I had no Antivirus/firewall at all installed - I have just installed avg (because of the kids on games) But I found the a mild solution for the problem. I took the feed from the Dlink into the netgear so instead of it going into the internet jack it now goes straight into port 1 and behold it works and now the DLink assigns all IPs and alls good.

    If there is better way of doing this can someone let me know.

    But in response to your question no firewall is blocking me I also opened all needed ports in all routers and PC's.
  3. You should be able to change the IP of the netgear to be within the scope of your first network. Say Set the scope to IPs not assigned by the first router, say 50 -100. The Dlink would be 3 -49.
    As for how you have it now, it is a solution. You essentially by-passed the router portion of the netgear and are only using the switch part. If it works, leave it.
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