Building my first new gameing PC

hello, this is my first post here so lets start like this :
sorry for my bad english ill do my bast to be clear as much i can.
im planing to build gameing PC around 1000 euros ~~.
ok here we go:
procesor - core i7 950 3.06 ghz 8mb chase box - 280eu

grafics card - asus engtx 460 1gb gddr5 -184eu

RAM - 3x2gb DDR3 1333mhz -87eu

HDD - 1TB wd green 64 MB 7200 rpm -58eu

monitor - LG 2240s fullHD led -138eu

motherboard- asus p6t -222eu or gigabyte EX 58-ud3r price-170eu

case+cooler - 700W realpower colermaster -123eu

full price on this is with asus MB is : 1092 euros my queston for start is witch motherboard shud i get?
2.em i geting over priceed? i rly need that i7 procesor?
4.the 700w cooler shud be good enough?
5.lets sey u live in the end of the world like i do and ur country is named MACEDONIA from where wud u buy things onnline and what will u recomend to change remuve or replace etc.

I will be realy tankfull to any of the help and im not in hury to buy my new PC.
but is it worthed to wait 1-2 months more or just buy it right now,but in the end of this month im prety sure i will buy someting similar to this what u see.

once again thanks to all the help by me : Ivan Adziev
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  1. First of all, you did a *great* job of communicating! Let's see if we can answer some of them:

    1) Do I really need the i7 950?
    You didn't tell us what you use the PC for. If its for gaming, you can save a lot of money using an i5 750. If you use a lot of multi-threaded applications, and use them often, then the cost of the i7 950 becomes worthwhile. Here the cpu/mobo costs are: i7 950/GigUd3R $295/$210. i5 750/GigUSB3 $200/$105. The 950 will game a little better, but we generally don't feel the difference is worth it.

    2) Which mobo?
    Unless you are overclocking, get the cheapest Asus or Gigabyte mobo you can get that has the features you need. For 950, use the UD3R, or the X58-USB3 if you can get it. For a 750, use the Gig USB3 unless you plan to allow for adding a second Video card.

    3) Are you being overcharged?
    Probably, but we do not have a Value Added Tax here, so your price probably includes that - our prices shown here are without tax. That's a government thing not related to value :)

    4) A 700W power supply will handle 2x460 video cards. If you are only going to use 1, you can use a 5XX watt psu. If you can get hold of a Seasonic, Corsair, or Antec you could be more sure of getting a quality psu.

    5)Can't help with where to buy - maybe someone else will.

    Intel is launching a new line of processors, Sandy Bridge, 1Q 2011. It may be worth waiting for depending on how long it takes for new parts to be available in Macedonia. I have a 4-yr old gaming rig that I am waiting to replace with Sandy Bridge.
  2. 1.answer i said it will be gamer PC and im aming for the i7 950 3.06 cuz i think it have nice price and i want my PC to last atleast 4-5 years before i evan think about replacing some parts or buy new PC.

    2.answer is kinda like this im planing to buy only 1 460 gpu
    but in year or so when they drop alot more in price and i see that my single 460 cant handle the heat to add 1 more 460 to asist, so from what iv read from u wud recomand the gigabyte ex-58 udr3 ?
    and 1 thing is the asus P6t beter becouse the ppl i wana buy my PC sey that asus p6t is like alot beter then the ex-58 udr3 ..

    3.well i kinda went in all 4 large stores and the best price i got offerd i told em here u sey that my 700w power supply will handle the x2 460 that sound nice becouse the stores here said ill need
    1000w witch is rly expesnive.. shud i just get 750 w to be sure or the 700w shud do just fine.

    and for the last part u sey about intel lunching new procesors i have no plans to wait and buy someting thats new becous the prices here on new parts are rly expensive.i gues thats all for now i think maybe i askd shud i wait for like to 2011 thats like 1 month and 15 days or so and will the price on the parts u see u think shud drop and do u think will they drop alot or like only 5% witch will make kinda no diffrance to me if its only 5 %
  3. :--) wanted to edit but it didt work out so i make new replay:here we go- and tanks alot on u for takeing ur time and helping me out and clear some things for me ivan.
  4. Well 700 watts psu is fine if you want to adda another GTX460 down the line but if you are sure you are not gonna do that then around 550 watts should be ok
  5. I don't think the price drop here for "old" parts will be significant, and I would guess it will be smaller where you are. But that's just a guess.

    i7 950 and 2 x 460: You do NOT need a 1000W psu for this. The maximum power they will draw from the psu is 525W. A 650W psu will run fine. We normally recommend 750W because here the price difference between 650W and 750W is small, and the extra margin of power doesn't hurt.

    i7 950 and 1 x 460: A quaility 500W psu is enough.

    The problem is your Cooler Master psu is not one we would recommend. Can you get a Seasonic or Antec 520W to 750W?

    Gigabyte UDR3: The UDR3 is plenty for your needs. There is nothing about the Asus board that will make YOUR computer run better or longer.
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