Can I benefit from 1366 i7?

I am currently running i5 760 clocked to 4ghz.
GTX 580
8G ram duel channel. 12800

It's fast enough for photo editing and day-to-day operations.
I only play the following games: SC2, Quakelive and COD (4, MW2 and blackops).
Down the road, the only two games I may see playing is Doom 4 and future versions of COD.
I always lower graphic settings to get minimum fps of 90fps at native resolution 1900x1080p.
I don't want to be playing at 80fps even for one moment.
The average fps is usually about 150 or higher.

I will not be running duel cards (crossfire or SLI) ever.
Do you think I can benefit from the 1366 i7 platform?
Will they give me a higher minimum frame rate at the same or a higher graphic setting.

Most benchmarks out there cannot really help me with this question.

Any input is welcome.
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  1. If you arent going to be running dual cards then LGA 1366 will give you no benefit, but its also unreasonable and silly to have an 80FPS minimum, whats the vertical refresh on your screen? Im betting only 60Hz.

    Also, if you are going to require such high frame rates, you really need to consider a dual card setup to keep pushing that resolution well in to the future.
  2. Thanks for the input. So, I can ONLY benefit from 1366 if I run dual card??

    vsync at 75. It's very noticeable once the frame rate drops to 80 from 125 which is what I am used to in fast pace game like quake.
    I am so used to running over 100fps for the years (since quake 2) that I really cannot go back to anything lower than 90. Some people are happy with 60 but I would rather be not play the game at that frame rate. I used to lower the graphic settings to the point where everything looks like a square in the game but that's the price to pay if I wanted >100fps to play competitively.
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