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Which cpu is best for my pc

currently i have a ecs a770m-a motherboard really old and a amd athlon 64 x2 6000+

heres a list of cpu's processors that are suposidly compatible with the above motherboard

as my cpu is a dual core i obviously would either be looking for a tri/quad core for better performance currently my pc is only used for gaming playing wow cataclysm

my budget for a cpu would be maximum £100

and are there any places that do home installations of this cos im scared to do this as ive never done it before i dnt wanna *** my pc up
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  1. In honesty the only tri/quads that you can get are not the best. A better mobo would be the best bet. But if you really want just a CPU for now then here is the best one yours can support for under 100 pounds:

    Its a Phenom X4 9850. They are harder to find because they are no longer produced.

    I would go for a new mobo and CPU in all honesty. $49.99 59.99

    A bit more than $100 but still would be better in the end since you can upgrade to a 6 core CPU down the road.
  2. What gpu are you running? If you're trying to improve performance with gaming the gpu is the first thing to look at/upgrade, especially if you arent looking to get a new mobo
  3. Save some more money and upgrade everything. Then come back with a budget and ask what is the best combo for your money. you need at least 250.00 USD for a budget gaming system.
  4. If you cant afford it, lmgaland is right. Video card and memory are probably a better place to start.
  5. i have a geforce 8800gt 2gb and 4gb of ram ddr2 800
  6. IF I UPgrade the mobo i need a new cpu and ram its like another pc
  7. How about:
    AMD Athlon II X3 450 3.2GHz Socket AM3 95w 1.5MB L2 Cache Retail Boxed Processor £59.10
    Asrock N68C-S UCC GeForce 7025 Socket AM2+ VGA Out 6 Channel Audio MATX Motherboard £32
    from quick find codes 238326 & 221178 you can either keep you ram or add:
    EXTRA VALUE 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz Memory Kit 1.5V CL9 £29.99 code 192049
    Or instead get a graphics card like:
    HIS HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI Display Port Out PCI-E Graphics Card 241315 £99.99
  8. when u have no money thats expensive and ur mobo is am2+ and the processor is am3 unless the mobo u suggest supports am3
  9. It support AM3 processors to a maximum of 90W, it also supports both DDR2 & DDR3 RAM (not a mixture of both though). See for full details.
  10. OK LIKE IS said its very expensive for me
  11. if i bought all that stuff id have to pay someone to install it as if u do it wrong u can destroy your pc
  12. Installing a new motherboard is not as hard as you might think its 6 screws and maybe 5 connections which are all marked clearly and can't be really put in the wrong spot. There are plenty of guide videos on youtube. With a little research and the drive to learn something new anyone can do it. With your current board it would be a waste of money to upgrade it you might as well throw 100 in the garbage because you will see little to no improvement with just a CPU upgrade.

    The 1st Gen. Phenoms were absolute garbage and should not even be considered since they are hard to find first off, second off they will be way over priced, and the money spent on that you could upgrade mobo, and cpu and get double the performance increase.
  13. what about buying a bundle of the cpu mobo ram and cooler are they better
  14. From a value point of view sometimes but not always. I assume your in the UK as you said £s have some OK bundles. They are in the systems section of the site.
  15. I find for the most part those bundles are not the best deals. I am glad that you are considering it.

    Good Luck
  16. well like i said i only play wow but in future expansions of wow over they ears my pc will get outdated so im gonna have to upgrade sometime anyway
  17. as im pretty poor i cant afford anything thats better than i currently got i looked at

    and i looked at cpu and mobo comes to over £200 and thats not taking into account that i have to buy thermal grease and a cooler and new ram.

    so basically it would be cheaper to prolly buy a new pc
  18. a reviewr said this pc scored 5.9 on that windows experience thing

    yet my pc is alot older and has the same score no i didnt hack the score either
  19. Windows experience score is not a good judge of system performance at all. I would never let the windows experience score determine if a system is faster then another.
  20. Do not spend a penny (pence?) on upgrading that old computer. Wait and build a new one when you can afford it. It will cost the same, but actually have a very noticeable improvement.

    Wow won't get too demanding for your PC before the end of summer or so. Hopefully by then you can save up $350 or so for a new PC. You can reuse your case and DVD burner.

    Also, have you looked into overclocking? That can give you a 5-35% (usually around 12%) performance boost for free.
  21. overclocking is a waste of time for this pc why bother to get little or nothing from it and il just buy a brand new pc if i have to upgrade it as a motherboard,cpu,ram and cooler is gonna cost just as much anyway
  22. If you are planning on going new build and gonna spend a few hundred save up for an I5 sandy bridge build. They will be available again sometime next month April at the latest.
  23. Don't go with intel. It will cost you more than a comparable AMD system. If you can save up money to get a new pc, you can sell your current pc to make up for some of the cost of your new one. I understand that you dont know how to build a computer, so go to a local pc shop and ask them how much to install your cpu and power supply(add that to the cost of your new build). those are the only two things you could really mess up. after that you should be able to easily assemble the rest of the components on your own.
  24. Get a Phenom II x4 955! Its just over £100, but you could keep your current motherboard and its a brilliant performer. If you want a motherboard bundle, get it from overclockers, aria or ebuyer. And yeah, definitely dont buy intel.
  25. Stay away from the nforce chipset if you can.
  26. why whats wrong with them can u suggest a mobo thats around the same price that isnt nforce why do ppl like u say stay away from this without adding a backup suggestion
  27. oh i just found the perfect bundle for myself

    tri core comes with a fan and mobo and supports my 4gb of ddr2 ram which can be upgraded to ddr3 at a later time what do you guys think
  28. uess nobody wants to help me what a great site this is NOT
  29. dragonx_08 said:
    oh i just found the perfect bundle for myself

    tri core comes with a fan and mobo and supports my 4gb of ddr2 ram which can be upgraded to ddr3 at a later time what do you guys think

    Thats the same board and CPU (except its 100MHz slower) as I recommended for £92 about 15 posts ago
  30. Now is not the time to be building a computer/upgrading motherboards. Bulldozer will be out soon. Intel has just faultered on SB, and it may not be a viable option for a few more months. C2D is too old. AM3 is a dead end as BD will jump to different socket. Since WOW is still playable now, keep using your current rig. Upgrade next year at this time. You'll be glad you waited.
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    It will be 4-5 years before SB or bulldozer get under £100 for a CPU & board
  32. simon12 said:
    It will be 4-5 years before SB or bulldozer get under £100 for a CPU & board

    Highly unlikely. For one, entry level boards should stay close to entry level prices. There will always be a ~$50 board, and they should be available by this time next year (6 months after BD launch). Plus, you operate on the fallacy that only highend BD can be purchased. By 6 months post launch, there will be mainstream BD parts as well. PLUS, by next year, the OP should have more euros to put towards a completely new computer. Better to put more $$ in a good build with some room to grow than invest in tech that is already slated for obsolescence. You make it sound like a 3GHz K8 dual core and an 8800 graphics card can't run WOW now, which is absolute bull. No need to upgrade at this time, Doing it now is just money wasted vs doing it next year.
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