Card or display upgrade for Blu Ray watching?

Nvidia 9500 GT and a Dell Ultra sharp 23" flat screen. I just purchased a Pioneer BluRay player for my main machine and want to know if I should upgrade my Card or Monitor to best improve my DVD/Bluray watching. I do not play game on this machine
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  1. I watch BluRay's with my 9500GT and 22" screen and it's fine for me but it depends how far away from the screen you wish to be.
  2. Only catch I'm aware of is both monitor and GPU must be HDCP enabled. Mousemonkey indicated that the GPU (9500 GT) was, so that just leaves the monitor.

    As long as the monitor supports 1080P (and is HDCP enabled), you should be fine.

    There is a download on cyberlink's web site to check your system for Blu-ray compatability.
  3. Or you can check via the Nv control panel.
  4. yes they both are and I can watch BluRays with NP - just wondering if the new 460's of a different monitor would make a differnce
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