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I have Samsung HD103UJ 1TB hard disk and i use it as External. One day i transfer some file and the power shut down.. so when i open the PC again the HD doesn't show in My Computer only in Safely Remove Hardware.. i try to format it with Win Xp CD but it doesn't show too.. the only place it shows that i have plunged in the HD is in Safely Remove Hardware Icon. I have very important file in the HD and i new help to fix it or restore this files.

Thank you.
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  1. you can try removing the drive from external enclosure and plugging it in internally with power and sata
  2. I try that.. and again the same.
  3. You can try recovery software such as recuva or eause but if they cant see your file your only alternative is to send the drive out for professional data recovery which is very expensive.
  4. Thanks i will try recovery software and if doesn't work i will try data recovery company or specialist.. :)
  5. I try a recovery software (recuva ) and it recover only 30 file which are useless.. and it show the HD in My Computer but its only 30Mb and my HD its 1TB, any ideas ?
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