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I'm looking to upgrade from a 9800gtx which has done its job good pretty well but its time to upgrade it but not my whole system which kind of limits me because I have an Nvidia chipset so no CF for me :( . I only need the system to go another 3 or 4 years but I really dont want to spend more than about $300 because I want to upgrade to a quad processor as well. Come the end of the 3 or 4 years I'll build a new system when SATA3, USB3, SSDs, and PCI3.0 all mature.

I normally play Crysis, ME1/2, Quake 4, Oblivion, and some new and old stuff. I try to play in1680X1050 if the game supports its. I'm happy with my current setup playing Crysis on medium settings in 1680X1050 but with Crysis 2, ME3, Diablo 3 and a few others coming out by Q2 of next year I need more horsepower.

I don't really care about brand and as for SLI if it doesn't max out my 700 watt PSU that's fine. So I think my options come done to 2 450gts, hd4850, and 470gtx. I can get the 450's for $260 but adding these plus a quad processor on top of 2 hard drives and 6 fans my PSU may not be able to handle it. The 470gtx is a power hungry heat creating monster compared to the cheaper hd5850. As for the hd4850 it only seems to be marginally better than the 450's(with immature drivers) at about $20 more.

What do you guys and girls think?

Current System
Intel E8400
Evga 780i MB
Evga 9800gtx
OCZ 700w PSU
Seagate 500gb hd
Seagate 1tb hd

Thanks DK
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  1. A pair of 450's would barely push the entire system over the 400w mark, even a pair of 460's could be handled by that PSU.
  2. Get 2x 460's if possible, or 1 470 and upgrade to SLi later. you will see a big improvement with both these solutions.

    Your PSU will be able to handle these, Just make sure the 560's/470 you get is a good aftermarket card from a brand such as msi or asus because the stock OC and extra cooling will significantly help you.
  3. Mousemonkey: I thought so but wasn't sure thanks.

    Decode:I agree if I was willing to spend the $500 for the 460's that's the way to go but I'm considering $500 to $550 to be about my budget for both the video and CPU upgrade.
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