Can i use a zotac gts 450 in a 450w standerd psu(not branded)

im goin to buy a zotac gts450 ....
.my psu says 450w(atlantis) bt has a out put of 230w or some thing (it dosnt give 450w)

my cpu- core 2duo 2.8 e7400
4 gigs of ram
win 7 64 bit
160 sata hd
dvd writer

will it support the zotac gts 450? ...
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  1. Nope it won't.
  2. what if i use a 550 watt psu of the same kind will it work?
  3. what model is your psu? It should work fine. the zotac gts 450 only requires a 400w minimum psu with a 6 pin power connector. also what are you tryiing to use the gts 450 for?
  4. He clearly said that it only ouput 230w (the continuous power), the labaled 450w is most likely the peak power output, which mean it can reach that wattage, but cannot maintain it for a period of time.

    Back to op, this is a a great budget PSU:

    $49.99 after rebate. 620W continuous output
  5. Yeah I agree linh6496, but the gts 450 may or may not work with his current psu. My friend had a 400w (not continuous) that would not run my his 5770, but my cooler master 500w (330w continuous) would run it and the hd5770 requires 450w minimum power. So, if he has the money for both a gpu and a psu and is patient, I would order the gts450, see if it works and if it doesn't, then buy the psu. 230w contiuous unfortunately is not a good wattage for running any good gpu anyway. I also asked why he is buying the gts450, because the his hd5770 is a better gpu for $100 usd (with rebate) at You can also find good psu's for cheap $40-$60 with rebate again at newegg This one is good (Antec NEO ECO 620C 620W Continuous Power ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply) $44.99 after rebate
  6. Yea follow what cadillac said - get the hd 5770 for a much better bang for buck, and also requires less power!
  7. Quote:
    GeForce GTS 450 in SLi - 35A and a 600W PSU minimum
    GeForce GTS 450 - 24A and a 450W PSU minimum

    heres a list if your looking for a good psu

    300W - 650W

    Corsair TX 650W - 52A on a single +12V rail
    Seasonic X-Series 650W - 54A on a single +12V rail
    XFX 650W XXX Edition - 52A on a single +12V rail
    Corsair CX 600W - 40A on a single +12V rail
    Corsair VX 550W - 41A on a single +12V rail
    Corsair CX 500W - 34A on a single +12V rail
    Corsair VX 450W - 33A on a single +12V rail
    Corsair CX 430W - 28A on a single +12V rail
    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 420W ATX - 30A on a single +12V rail
    Corsair CX 400W - 30A on a single +12V rail
    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 370W ATX - 27A on a single +12V rail


    I also interested in buying GTS 450 myself. Can I power it with FSP SAGA II 400? The spec said 400w continuous output with 17A x2 on 12v rails. This is the SAGA's review on Toms..,2746-4.html

  8. Quote:
    if you have the hardware already then try it.
    if the psu has a dedicated pci-e 6-pin plug then I would try it.
    but if having to buy hardware then I wouldn't buy it, no.
    I'd spend the extra dollar or two and get a worthy power supply.
    nowadays look for a psu that has 2 6-pin pci-e plugs for future-proofing,
    just in case you upgrade to the GTX 460 or greater and they require 2 6-pin plugs.
    I do not recommend adding a bunch of adapters to a power supply in order to power a gfx card.

    Thanks for chipping in... I do have the SAGA II already, it has only a single 6pin pci-e. My plan was to have an nVidia card initially, and then later on if I can afford to upgrade this GTS 450 would be a dedicated Physx. Of course I'd get a more powerful psu by then also.

    Now back to the current issue, all the stores I'd visited told me this SAGA II isn't powerful enough to drive a GTS250 much less GTS450, even though the 450 clearly has lower power requirement. I'd feel much comfortable if the opinions come from this forum where people are actually have working experiences.

    Worst case scenario, what would happen should the SAGA II 400 isn't enough to drive a 450 and I plug them together anyway? Will any or even both of those get ruined?
  9. Quote:
    worse case scenario(s):
    1.) unit will not boot
    2.) during load times (gaming or heavy video) the screen will go blank and or display will go out.
    3.) random BSOD's
    4.) if the psu blows then so what, it won't fry the system with the failsafes the psu has installed.

    I have ran a GTS 250 and GTS 450 on a weak 430-watt Thermaltake that had the 1 6-pin plug.
    what is the nVidia card you want or have initially to run first, I had a 8600GTXXX and then a GT 240.
    I also have a phys-x set-up with a GTS 240 (OEM) and a GTX 560Ti, it runs on a 700-watt Rosewill SLI psu.

    Okay the first 3 are bearable but the last one doesn't sound appealing :) the psu is just a year old.

    I intend to buy a GTS450 first as my budget is very limited, there's no room for a new psu.

    So you're saying 430watt Thermaltake can actually drive both 250 and 450 eh.. impressive. If I'm not mistaken 250s are also need a 6pin plug, so I guess you're using converter for one of them?
  10. Quote:
    no, the psu comes with 1 6-pin plug, no adapters needed.

    Sorry for prolonging the issue, but as far as I understand from the nVidia website both the 250 and 450 need a 6pin plug each. Since your psu only comes with one, how do you supply the other card?

    Wait a minute silly me, you probably meant you plug each of the card one at a time instead of both. And here I was thinking the 430watt Thermaltake can take a pair of GTS :) Thanks for the explanations.
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