How do I stop my Asrock mobo from whining?

Hi there everybody!

So I recently finished building my new Sandy Bridge rig. I have an Asrock Extreme4 Gen 3, with a XFX 5850, a 2500k, and an Antec Truepower New 650w. Everything is working perfectly except for one thing.

It emits a low frequency hum/whine during use. It doesn't increase during certain activities and it doesn't decrease. It stays at a constant level of whine that's so annoying, it's burrowing a hole in my ear. This has been going on for around 2 weeks ever since I got it. ARGH!

Is there anyway to stop this noise? I read somewhere that was an option you could toggle in the BIOS that could help, but I'm not sure how much truth there is to that. Any advice will do, this is really driving me MENTAL!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Bump. Please, any help would do.
  2. Another thread mentioned overspeed protection. Or you could try to rma the board, technically it's not supposed to whine, but in some case it isn't hurting anything but your ears.
  3. are you sure its the board, might be a fan. Ive had a hard drive hum about 8 months before it died aswell
  4. Make sure you know where its coming from, like plat86 said.
  5. I just bought one of those boards and haven't noticed any whine. Perhaps I'll take a close listen tonight.
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