Reclaiming Files on Hard Drive Using Sata to USB Adapters

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.

I am trying to access a Western Digital 250 MB sata hard drive. I am pretty sure the registry got corrupted. I pulled the drive, installed Windows 7 on another drive and set out to pull files of the old drive.

I have hooked up an Element model UB-2235S-OTB sata to USB adapter unit to the USB ports on 2 different computers but the drive still appears in Windows Explorer on those 2 computers as a hard drive instead of a “removable drive”.

When I try to pull files in the "My Documents" folder of this old drive I am told I cannot access it. I tried going "Users" / May Name / My Documents but, still no go.

Any tips or tricks or pointers you can offer that may help recover those files?

Hope your weather is warmer!

Many thanks!

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  1. try logging on as administrator
  2. My user status is that of Administrator (as opposed to standard user).


    popatim said:
    try logging on as administrator
  3. keely111 said:
    My user status is that of Administrator (as opposed to standard user).


    File permissions can get rather confusing when browsing a different windows installation. You might try booting to a linux live CD (Ubuntu, Mint, whatever floats your boat) and copying the files from there.
  4. If you did not encrypt the files, you should be able to use the security tab to take ownership.

    Folder or drives(Yes you can do it to a full drive, just takes longer) properties -> Security tab -> Advanced -> Owner tab -> Edit -> Select yourself and make sure to check "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects".
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