I have a E-Green GTS250, Which is underclocked abit but not significatly is it still considered a gts 250 because this game
I wanna play requires a gts 250 at max settings, Anyways So is it still considered a GTS 250 Here is a gpuz screenshot

NOTE: It seems to be still pretty damn powerfull, Can play 95% new games at all max settings at like 30 - 50 FPS
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  1. Why wouldnt it be consider a GTS250 anymore? A GTS250 is just a 9800GTX+ anyway, so if its underclocked a bit its a little closer to a 9800GTX but if its sticker still says GTS 250 then its still a GTS 250.

    What game did you see that listed the video card necessary to play it at max settings? Its a lie to do that because it doesnt account for resolution, i wouldnt expect a GTS 250 to be able to max stuff out at 1920x1200 easily but at 1280x1024 it should be doing fine, but since yours is underclocked it will do slightly worse than most benchmarked GTS 250s.
  2. Thanks for reply, Yeh it is close to 9800GTX lol, but i can easily overclock it to
    Normal gts250 Speeds, But im not gunna because it wont make a diffrence
  3. i had one of these, but then i quickly replaced it with a gtx 460
  4. Its a gts 250-.
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