Computer booted with 16 gig of ram and now wont

Hello,im looking for anyone who might have had the same problem as im haveing atm i rebuilt my pc yesterday and it booted fine with 16 gig of ram and was showing 16 gig loaded at the same time i was also rebuilding my sons pc.His ram had a problem and would not boot so i took half of mine out and booted his and left it till i got some more this morning .When i went to reeboot mine with the whole 16 gig again it will not boot with all 4 sims if i remove one it will boot but only says 8 gig... I have tried diffident configs of ram and slots and they all seem to be fine only it wont boot with all four sims in the pc it just hangs with a red ram light and black screen i have also tryed to mem ok button on my board with no luck trying to get this in memory but couldn't get the option
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  1. Might be worth listing what motherboard, BIOS and memory you are using.

  2. so sorry was late when i posted been trying to figer it out all day i did some more testing last night seems my third ram slot it not posting a single sim in each of the others works not that one its a ASUS P8Z68-V i flashed the bios last night so its the latest one as i thought that might be the problem and the ram is g skill ripjaws ddr3 1600 4 4 gig sims i have 12 gig up and running now
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